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We believe in the idea that people of all abilities have the right to live independently, to enjoy the safety and support of their community, and to have opportunities equal to those of their neurotypical counterparts.

Vision of Hope Village will be an independent living/learning community for Adult's living with Autism and other developmental differences.

This is the dream of a group of Parents/Grandparents who either have adult children with Autism or other developmental diagnosis and the professionals who work with them. Our mission is to create a safe and sustainable housing project and services that will allow our community to live independently in a safe and welcoming environment; where our residents will have access to state-of-the-art training facilities in culinary and farm sustainability; they will be given the opportunity to live and learn alongside neurotypical individuals in order to facilitate equity, diversity and inclusion with the greater community.

According to the CDC, there's a population of around 702,000 Autistic adults in California alone. It is imperative that we begin to help them plan for their futures, especially when parents are no longer able to care for them.

Because Autism is a spectrum disorder our model is one that reflects the unique needs of the individual. We envision a housing community built with sensory issues in mind, and an engaging social atmosphere for those who prefer to live by themselves or with a roommate of their choosing.

We are currently working with agencies in Shasta, Lake and Mendocino Counties to fulfill the first phase of this project. Our village will include access to a self-sustaining farm, vegetable gardens and a commercial kitchen. Residents will have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills on these or other job training and life skills projects both on and off site.

***Housing and day programs are subject to state and federal laws and regulations ***
Here you can make a tax- deductible donation to Vision of Hope Village to support our startup costs, program development and service delivery. You can also donate by check or money order, please send to address listed below.  We are a 501(c)(3) tax ID # 87-3389580, thank you for your support.

Vision of Hope Village - Home is where the heart is

  • Housing development to meet the needs of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities and those of the community.

Cargo Van Fund

  • We are fund raising to purchase a multi-use cargo van!
  • Help us establish our work skills program for young adults with Autism and other differences.

Past Events

Sips & Succulents07 May 20235245 Third St, Kelseyville, CA 95451
Lake County Farmers' Finest29 Apr 20234350 Thomas Dr, Finley, CA, USA
Lake County Farmers' Finest22 Apr 20234350 Thomas Dr, Finley, CA, USA
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Lake County Farmers' Finest01 Apr 20234350 Thomas Dr, Finley, CA, USA
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